Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point 5k. This was Krista's first race. Me, Jacque and Krista ran this. I was so excited for her to run. Crossing the finish line your first time is very exhilarating! We stayed in a hotel the night before the race, and looking out the window the morning of the race, we see SNOW!!! BRRRR. This was during the "Tulip Festival."

My time was 33.25.9, which put me in 5th place in my age group! Jacque came in 9th in her age group.

There was about 500 people. We all started out together, then just kind of split up and did out thing. Ashlee took pictures as we crossed the finish line. Jacque and I waited for Krista right at the finish line and gave her a huge hug and congratulations when she came across. We all got a finishing medal.

The refreshments after the race were awesome. Chocolate milk, water, powerade, bagels with cream cheese, cookies, oranges, bananas, and grapes.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Millville to Providence/

Ran after work today. Drove to Millville, and parked on 100 west. Ran to Zollinger Park in Providence and then back to my car!! 51 minutes of continuous jogging/running. A 5 minute walk warm-up, then a 10 minute cool down. Super impressed that I did this!! I chose this route because it is the last part of the TOU half marathon.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I ran with the South Cache Running Club today at the CAPSA run from violence 5k. Jacque did NOT walk at all! So proud of her. She got tired and started slowing down, but she kept a consistent jog. We ran right with each other today. It started to sprinkle, then it started to rain! We finished in 34.22.

Celebration lunch with Krista at Panda Express. When we arrived at Panda Express, it was raining cats and jammer kids!!!