In February 2010, I made the decision to buy and complete P90X. I chose to do this not as a weight loss thing, but to see if I could improve my resting heart rate. I have thyroiditis, which means that the antibodies in my body think that my thyroid is an invader, and attack it. So far I am not on any meds for this. One of the effects on me is that my resting heart rate is around 90 bpm.

After exercising for about a month I could see an improvement in my heart rate.

During a summer vacation, I saw an add for an all women 5k at Thanksgiving Point. My thoughts were, "I think I could do that." May 31, 2010, I set a goal to run this. I talked some of my female family members into participating in this with me..........and thus..........a runner was born.

WHY?? I run because it's the one thing that I can do for myself. No one will do it for me, it's something I can leave myself accountable to, something I can be proud of.