Saturday, April 28, 2012


I drove down to Provo Friday night. At the last minute, Mindy decided to come with me and share my hotel room. We had talked about crashing the Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon Expo, but somehow we both missed the exit!!! After picking up our packets in Pleasant Grove, we headed to Provo to Noodles for dinner, then off to the hotel for some relaxation.

Saturday morning on our way to Pleasant Grove, the exit we took had a DETOUR!!  Glad I went back to the room to get my ipad. Mindy had to find a map online and guide me to the starting line! I was worried about parking, especially after getting lost. Not to worry, there was plenty of parking. 
Ran into a few friends at the bus area, and more at the start line. The weather was a little chilly, but if you stood in the sunshine, it wasn't too bad.  My goal was to try to run the 5k under 30 minutes. I did not want to say it out loud, but that is what I had in my head. 
(front L to R: Jane, Karrie, Me.
middle: Mindy, Liz, Joy's daughter Jade, Mandy, Roz.
back 2 in blue: Stephanie & Alisa)

This 5k was supposed to be a FAST course. 98% of it downhill.  I absolutely love running downhill.  Some people say it really messes up their quads, but I love it. 

I started in the back of the pack, as it was chip timed. This was not a good idea, as I had to weave in and out of alot of people, and some of the streets were really narrow, I will not do this again.  After I finally got out of the crowd, I settled into my running rhythm. At mile 1.5 there was a water station, I chose not to stop.  After this, I noticed the smell of ammonia in my nose!  NOT a good sign. Wracking my brain trying to figure out just why this was happening. I thought that I had eaten enough carbs over the past few day..........I also decided NOT to use my ipod during this race.  At mile 2.6ish, I caved and put my ear piece in, listening to the music. I realized that I was running to the beat of the music and took out my earpiece!  Just experimenting.
My time today was.................drum roll please......................28.40!!  YES!!  A new Personal BEST for me.
As I crossed the finish line, a nice firefighter gave me my "PINK" charm, then I rallied with my friends, cheered and welcomed other ladies across the finish line, and of course, enjoyed the post race refreshments!! Before we left, Mindy and I went to a little craft fair. I bought an orange roll, and she bought a cinnamon roll twist.  These were GIANORMOUS!!!  Just what we needed!!

Our SWAG bag consisted of 3 trial sized luna bars, seasoning mix for guacamole, band aids, a headband, gum, GU chomps, pink shoe laces, vitamins, and various flyers.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Well I did it. I crossed over to "the other side." Monday I went to Joy Ride Bikes and did the deed. I bought a FELT Road Bike.   

Thanks to my good friend JoAnna for getting me some bike skorts (with padding in the butt)  so I could try the bike out as soon as possible. Today I had the day off, so I decided to take my inagurel ride. I wanted to ride for at least 1 hour.  That was my goal.  I rode on the highway today.....with traffic.....and it is pretty creepy.  I went around 11 miles, and my sitz bone is really sore!  But other than that, I had a great time.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekly Roundup

Thursday --Jacque had a track meet out to SV, so I took my running clothes with me. Krista met me out at the school. After thought, I should have called her earlier to have her bring her running clothes!  (Next time Krista!!)  I thought that I would either run in the Smithfield Rec Center (if it continued to rain)  or out and around the High School.  After her event (long jump) I decided to run around the school area. I left about 4:15 pm, and it was warm. It was really warm. I had forgotten to bring my running belt with me, so I had NO water on my route.  Thank goodness for gum.  I ran about 3.1 miles today. My warm up was all uphill which didn't really get my calves ready. I ran past those sprinkler pipes on wheels. I didn't realize just how big they are! They would squash my little wiener dog!  Today I realized that I need to run during warmer times of the day to get ready for Red Rock.

Friday-- I did my am Race RX, then later that evening I ran 3.65 miles in Millville.  The hardest part of the Millville run......crossing the 4 lane crazy highway! 1.6 of it was all uphill! Remember, hills are my friend, hills are my friend......

Saturday --This morning I had planned on a nice and easy slow run. Debated on whether to go with the Runners North Running Group or just go out on my own.  Decisions, decisions.
I woke up around 7:45 and kind of just ho-hummed around.  At 10 minutes to 9 I decided  to run with the group so that meant I better get my butt in gear and get out! I called my friend to let her know I was running late,  and found out what route the group was going on so I could just catch up with them.  I ended up going 5.79 miles on Saturday. Glad I went, but sometimes it is so stinkin hard just to get out the door!  Met up with JoAnna, Ada and her daughter, and Julie.  Today was Julie's first 5 miles! This is the farthermost that she has ever run! So proud of her, and it was AWESOME to share that accomplishment with her.  I ran past a duck that kept quackin at me; mom and dad geese with their little babies; and a herd, yes I said herd, of 10 DEER!  That was so cool. We came around a corner, and the deer were running towards us!  This was in Providence area, right across from where Lynzi lives!

Sunday --I felt guilty not getting out and riding my bike or walking or running.  But I think my body just needed a rest.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

There's no magic to running far or climbing Everest. Endurance is a mental strength. It's all about heart. ----Bear Grylls

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back in the Saddle

I guess it's time I get my butt in gear, and get back to training on a regular basis.  Lately I have only been running once or twice a week. Too busy. Too tired. Too sick. Too lazy. There is always an excuse.  Time to buck it up!

Went out tonight for a 4-ish miler.  3.64 was running, the other was just walking for warm-up and cool down.  I decided to do hills in Millville tonight. Crossing the highway was my first major obstacle! Once I got safely across, I started my GARMIN. 1.84 uphill and then back down. Found out last night that the Red Rock Relay course has changed a little bit.  My leg is actually just a little longer than I had planned on.  I WAS 2.37 up hill, now it is 2.94 uphill.  This is my first leg. My second leg will be an 8 mile gradual downhill.  I really need to start attacking hills.  Hills are supposed to be my friend.  Maybe someday we will have a mutual respect for each other. Not today. At times I felt like I was running on empty. (like my car). Hills are......well, I'm not quite sure how to describe it.  Sucks going up, but at the top, you have conquered it, so its a relationship, I guess.

Running weather was perfect tonight.  Cool, cloudy, and a cool breeze.  So I was really surprised that I was so thirsty. I took one  10 oz bottle of NUUN with me, and I ran out.  When I did my 5 miles on Tuesday, I went through 2 bottles!  Curious??? 

When I got home I had the WORST headache!!!  Hydration......Headache........Coincidence????

Did you know that donkeys smile and wag their tails when you scratch their nose? Can you see his SMILE?? This is my new buddy on my Millville hill route.  After I scratched him, I told him I would see him tomorrow.  I swear I heard him make a sound as I ran away.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cyclist vs Runners & other Random thoughts.

Last week I was in Florida.  I took my running gear with good intentions.  Sometimes good intentions just don't pan out.  This was the case last week. 

We went to Orlando, and did the theme parks as a family. We stayed in a condo, and right outside the condo was a small lake with a trail around it. I really wanted to run around it. But our schedule consisted of up and out the door by 8 am and home around midnight, then repeat, repeat, repeat.  Thus.....the good intentions just didn't make it. The temps in Orlando....88 degrees and lots of humidity.  Something I am not used too.

So, last week no running, just lots of walking through Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney World, Epcot, Universal Studio-Islands of Adventure, & Universal Studios. I did put my running shoes to good use though, after 2 days of walking in my sketcher flip flops, Nikes were like heavenly pillows to my feet.

Tonight I finally got outside for that run that I have been craving.  I decided on a 5 mile route, out and back run. Total miles tonight was 5.5. I did alot of walking tonight. Legs felt kind of weird, like they were on the verge of a charlie horse. My shoulders felt heavy. My bladder was way too full.  My lungs were not feeling like they should. Not sure if I am trying to get the "gunk" that is going around, or if it is allergies. Drank my 2 bottles of liquid, which was surprising. Usually I can go 5 miles on just one bottle.  Took two just in case. Glad I did. My throat was really dry tonight too.  My time tonight...1.05. Not my best, but I wasn't pushing it either. I ran with no ipod tonight. I liked that. I was able to listen to my breathing, and think  of mantras and nonsense stuff while I was running.  It was mostly pillowy- white clouds and humid. Oh, and when I went past Millers...gag was like someone was cooking 750 pounds of hamburger!   BLACHY GAGGY!!!

There is a ditch that is on the route I ran, and in this ditch were two ducks. I startled them, and they flew off.  Then about 2 minutes later, I seemed to have startled the same two ducks again.  They just flew ahead about 100 feet and landed/hid in the ditch again.  Kind of funny.

Three bicyclists past me. Cyclist #1...... I smile and wave......I got the snake eye from him and no wave.  Cyclist #2....I smile and wave, he smiles and waves back. OK, we are 50% here. Cyclist #3....I smile and wave, he waves but no smile.  So my theory is two thirds of cyclists are friendly. I got to thinking, I have never seen a bicyclist wave to a car before.  Perhaps thats because they are going with the flow of traffic.

Biker's (motorcycles) give the arm straight, hand down, "pointing to the highway" wave to other bikers. Runners wave to cars. (probably as a thank you for not running me over. hee hee) Runners wave to other runners. Runners wave to cyclists.    Just something I noticed. 

The only cyclist that waves is BRENT!  Whenever I see Brent, hear his horn,  and return his wave.....well, it just makes me smile and appreciate life just a little more.