Sunday, September 12, 2010


I talked my good friend Jan and my daughter Jacque to enter a Duathalon with me, as a team. Jacque and I will each run 2 miles, and Jan will bike 12. My first real event. Kind of nervous this morning. Not sure exactly how I will do. But as I told Jan, we were not in it to place, just for fun and to finish.

Jacque ran 1st. I was getting kind of nervous when all the other runners kept coming in, and no Jacque. She came in and tagged Jan, and Jan was off to ride up and down Blacksmith Fork Canyon. I was the anchor of the team. Jan got back and tagged me, and I started my slow but steady pace down the path. As I was coming into the finish line, there was Jan, waiting for me with lots of words of encouragement. She ran the last little bit with me, which really meant alot! Our team actually took 1st place in our mixed age division. Huh, was not expecting that. Jacque went to Lagoon after her run, so she was not able to be in our photo with us. Pretty exciting day. Setting a goal, and working towards it, then accomplishing it. What a great feeling.

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