Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Nike Shoes

Saturday. Going to test out my new Nike shoes, new running belt, and my snazzy reflector vest! It started out as a raining morning. Not too much rain though, just enough to keep me cool. Decided to run through Hyrum today, then come home on the highway. Today I tried out my new running belt that I got for Mother's Day. It has a little pocket in the back and holds 2 small water bottles. Decided to go with one water and one Gatorade. Took my phone, camera, and Jelly Belly Sports Jelly Beans with me today. Figured I would need a boost somewhere along the road.

Today is the first time I have tried the Sports Beans. I got the mixed fruit flavor. They were really good. I would buy them again. I picked them up at WalMart for 97 cents. I figured I would eat a few just before the "hill."

Along the way I encountered these cows, doing their "thang."

I made it up the hill today. NO WALKING! When I got to just about the top of the hill, I was about to give in and walk it, but I decided to guess how many steps it would take me to reach the top. I guessed 500, and I made it in 400.

Was a good run. I thought it was about 5 miles, but to my surprise when I did mapmyrun, it was actually 5.75!

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