Monday, May 28, 2012

2 hours 45 minutes

This morning around 10 I took off on the Stokes Nature Trail. My goal today was going to be between 10 - 14 miles. I knew this trail would be super busy, because of the Memorial Day Weekend, so I knew if I ran into troubles, there would be someone on the trail.  

It was a beautiful morning. Trail was nice and cool, a mix of sun and shade. After I ran up the switchbacks, the trail narrowed and got pretty muddy. The kind of mud that is slippery, yet packing the weight on my shoes at the same time.  I passed lots of families out for a hike. I also decided today that mountain bikers are friendlier than road bikers.  Every person I passed or who passed me on a mountain bike said "Hi," or made eye contact and gave a friendly gesture.

Around mile 6 my GARMIN was buzzing at a different rhythm than it had been. When I finally decided to look at it, I realized it had stopped! Stopped the timer. Stopped calculating my mileage. Just stopped! AAUUGGHH. What a big girl bummer this was. I started my journey at 10:04, and got back to my car at 12:50.  Somehow, I had lost 35 minutes in time. (twilight zone do do do do do...) Huston, we have a problem!   Had I been abducted by aliens? Had I blacked out? Ha Ha, nope, I guess I just got back too far that I lost all satellite communications!  Funny thing is, I found out that both Roz and Mandy were having GARMIN issues today as well!  My mileage today.....UNDETERMINED.  I know it was at least 10, but I am thinking it was probably more like 12. At the top of the switchbacks, I took a right that went up the mountain, not the easy path to 3rd dam. So I know that this added more mileage.

Lots of people were fishing at 3rd dam. I stopped to watch this mommy duck and her babies. So cute. I could also see some fish swimming around in the water.

This weird tree was across the path on the way out of Spring Hollow.

When I hit the Crimson Trail sign, I thought this is great! I always wanted to go on this trail. But I looked at my watch, and figured I better head back. I had told family I would be back by 1, and didn't want them calling search and rescue!  I did, however, sneak up the trail about a quarter of a mile. It was steep. The kind of steep that when you run up, you are running on your toes. It was also really wet, and  slippery muddy. I picked up a walking stick here to make me feel like I had some control. When I stopped to look down at the trail, I realized that I better go back, and it was so steep I figured I would be sliding down the trail.

The path I chose had lots of weird tree roots and loose rocks. It is hard to run on that terrain. I did a lot of power walking, and running when I could. Wild flowers were just starting to bloom.

 Passed this strange house!  I wonder who lives here?!?!

Sensitive Area
No rocks hit me today!
 Lots of the trails do not have a sign.  When I was up high, the trail came to many forks. Decisions, decisions....... It was so peaceful! No music blasting in my ear. No human voices. Just birds chirping.  Nice.

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