Thursday, May 17, 2012

Peaceful Bliss

Today I headed to the Stokes Nature Trail for a little peace and quiet.  No one to try to keep up with; No one to talk to; No one to answer to; Just me.  I took my i-pod with me, but did not listen to it at all.  It was soooo nice. QUIET.  The smells on this trail were wonderful. Lots of tree's in blossom, along with the wildflowers.  I ran/walked about 5 miles today. Did not push it, just went with the flow.  It was so nice not to try to keep up with a certain pace. 
This afternoon I think I found the joy in trail running.  Even the "diablo switchbacks" were not too bad.  Oh, and the law of gravity, ROCKS!  I learned that I do NOT like running in hats!

Thought about my performance down in Moab. I am my hardest critic. But after really analyzing my run, my 2nd leg wasn't too bad. Ya, it was hot, but when I looked at my 10k time, it was a personal best.  Yes, there are things that I would do different next time.  Good learning experience.

This was my buddy today. In fact, 3 of them crossed my path. 2 were zooming by, and this little guy, well, he must have been just enjoying the trail! Later tonight, I met Krista and Jacque on this trail, and did another easy 2. 

I am running Ogden Half on Saturday.  Kind of funny....don't have that excited/nervous feeling.  Not quite sure what to think about that.

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