Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baker's Dozen Training

Tonight I decided that I better start training for the Baker's Dozen Half Marathon that will be on December 15th in Hurricane, Utah.

This half will be very different from any other race that I have ran.  It is a loop course.  ( 3 miles) Every time you pass the aid station (every 3 miles) you are REQUIRED to EAT a TREAT! This may be a cookie, a moon pie, a donut,....anything. AND in order to earn your medal, you HAVE to eat one treat every time you pass the aid station.

I stopped at Macey's and bought a package of their snooker doodles! Tell me, who doesn't love a snooker doodle?  I wrapped it in a napkin, and smuggled it into the gym with me tonight.  I wanted one of the treadmills on the back row, but had to settle for one in the middle.  I very calmly put my cookie on the treadmill, and ran 3 miles. Then I bumped my speed down to 2 mph and ATE half of the cookie.  I did receive some very, very strange looks. Washed it down with a little powerade, and started running again.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.    Apparently eating cookies makes me look really fast!

Lets just hope that the treats are not GINORMOUS like the Macey's cookies, or I may be loosing my cookies somewhere in Hurricane!

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