Sunday, December 4, 2011

1st Snow Run of the Year

Not a good run. Not a bad run. Just a run. I decided to go to Hyrum to run my favorite road, down main street. I have had a hard time running lately. My legs have felt like bricks, and my mental state has been questioning my endurance and ability. Not sure what is going on. Too much training, not enough training, winter blues, burnout, no energy, lack of sleep...I know that my eating habits have not been as good as they should be......could be anything.

It was a little chilly this morning, as we were blessed to be blanketed by a carpet of snow. My run today was about 4 miles. It was nice to be outside. Good to see the sunshine.

The draw back of running on a cold morning...when cars would pass me, their exhaust would linger a long time in the air. Did not appreciate that today. The sidewalks had not been cleared, so I chose to run on the road. They were just wet, so it wasn't too bad. When I moved to the sidewalk, I just did fast walking, as it was slick.

Did not push it today, just out and about for 47 minutes.

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