Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reindeer Run 8k

Today I ran my first 8k, and of course, I got a PR! It was really cold this morning. When I left my house it was 11 degrees. I decided to stitch my antlers to my headband, so they wouldn't fall off. Bells were a must for my shoes. I was surprised that I was the only runner with bells on. MMHuh?

Santa started our race with a gun start, and we reindeer were off and running. The first mile is always my hardest. Today was no exception. It was bitter cold. My nose, cheeks, finger tips and lips were so cold. I wore gloves and tried to curl my fingers into the palm of my hands to conserve heat. I started out running with JoAnna, and she said that my bells were driving her nuts, so I told her that she better kick it up a notch......and she did.

About 2.5 miles and my extremities started feeling better. This is where I caught up with Lisa and Chris. Chris said, "I hear you coming." The three of us played leap frog with each other for the duration of the race. It was fun to have those two there to push me along, as I was not feeling fast today.

The course made its way through Providence and River Heights. Flat, up hill, and my all time favorite...DOWN HILL. It was nice to have hot chocolate at the finish line.

After our run, about 8 of us met at Pier 49 for lunch. Me, Marian, Lisa, Chris, Mindy, Jared, JoAnna, and Jennilyn. Heather came after she got all the race stuff put away. It was fun to mingle with old running friends, and meeting new ones as well. Lisa made the statement that this was her last race of 2011. I had never thought of it like that. Kind of makes me sad to think of it that way.

My time was 48.07 for an 8k. I thought an 8k was 5 miles, but my trusty GARMIN said 4.58. I have not really "ran" for a while. Kind of fizzled out after my half marathon in October. It's funny how even though I am still exercising, Race RX 3 x a week, that I have lost so much of my speed. Interesting. I guess it's true when they say "use it or lose it."

The Reindeer Run was sponsored by my favorite running store, Runners North. They did an awesome job putting this race together. Started on time. Nice refreshments at the end. Race route was marked well. Route itself was just challenging enough to make it fun. Long sleeve red t-shirts, and a set of antlers to each runner.

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