Thursday, December 22, 2011

Secret Runner Exchange

This year I stumbled on a blog site that was going to do a secret runner gift exchange for Christmas.( I have participated in these types of exchanges in the past, and really enjoyed it, meeting new people. I received my gift today, from Courtney, She goes by Courtney@Nerd on the Run. I was so excited to open this gift. I look forward to trying new flavors of GU, and other things. I love the perfume. It's called "Step into Sexy." I figured this was appropriate, "step", as we are both runners.

I received a thank you email from her that was very thoughtful. I just wanted to share a little bit of that: "....and hope we can continue to motivate each other. I have been struggling to get back into running consistently, but reading stories from inspiring women like you is helpful to get my laces tied and my body out the door."

On a side note, I am going to use the Race RX Cardio program for my training for the upcoming Canyonlands Half Marathon that will be on March 17th, 2012. It is based on heart rate intervals. October of this year, I did a cardio test, and received a scheduled printout. Didn't really do much with it until last Saturday. I have done the first 5 workouts, and then was re-tested tonight. To my surprise, I am on level 5 now. The schedule that I had was a level 3. It's been amazing to see little results using the different Race RX programs.

The 10K race is a metaphor for living a good life. No matter what you do in life, don't just be a spectator, be a player. Anyone can watch from the sidelines, but few participate in the race. Choose to become the hero that you want to be.

Mark G. Collis, Becoming Your Own Hero


  1. YAY, I'm glad your gift arrived safe and sound and that you enjoy it. You got some great things, wow!!

    Have a very happy holiday...I look forward to your 2012 journey and hope Moab goes fantastically! :)

  2. I'm glad you liked the perfume. It's my favorite right now. It's from Avon if it doesn't say. I'm glad you liked your other gifts as well. It was do much fun sending and receiving from people I didn't know this year. :) looking forward to it next year.