Sunday, January 6, 2013

Resolution RUN 10k

I am pointing to what I wrote...."First Full 26.2  Lori B.S."

This morning I woke up at 5:30 to drive to Kaysville to run 6 miles.  Am I crazy??  The temperature at my house was -11!  I was hoping for at least 1 degree.

Jacque and her friend were my cheerleaders. (Well, I bribed them. I told them that we could stop at the Layton Hills Mall after the run)  We left about 6:15 am to be to packet pickup by 7:30.

I won this entry from the Utah Running Guide.  The run started at Boondocks.  This was really nice, because it gave all runners a place to sit and stay warm before the event.

I only knew one other person that was running this.  Suzy.  She also won an entry. I met her at the Snow Canyon Half. She will be on my Ruby Mountain Relay team in August.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.........

Lets just say this man enjoys color. His black shorts had a matching green stripe, and he had on green shoes too.  I tried to stand just kind of by him and was going to have Jacque take a picture, but then he moved!  I thought it was just females who tried to be matchy matchy.

Running is my Favorite!

I ran the 10k.  The temperature at start time was 5 degrees! (My friends who were running the New Years Half started with temps at -4!)  I was excited to be running. I haven't ran since New Year's Day. 

I was not really into the "racing" mode. I just wanted to run, preferably somewhere warmer than Cache Valley.  During the race, my hair froze, and my eyelashes started sticking together.

I stopped to take a few photos with my phone, then my phone actually "froze." Like the cold freeze. And try as I might, I could not call, receive info, or take any more photos. It was so cold, it was just froze on the previous picture.

We ran on the Rio Grande trail and through residential areas.  The gates to the trail were frozen shut. Kaysville city could not get them open, so we zig zagged through them.  The aid station was at mile one. All the other runners just kept running by. No one was stopping. Of course I had to stop to visit with this cute mom and daughter! I took a drink of the water. I had to laugh, because it was so cold that the water was a slushy. This mom and her daughter were awesome to be out there in that cold, cold morning.

The BEST aid station EVER!

I was very surprised with my time of 1.03.47.  As I said, I was not really into the racing mode, I was using this run as my long run for the week.

Guess who took 3rd in her age group?  Yep.....ME!  

Truth be known, there were only 3 in my age group, but hey, I still took 3rd!
I am holding up 9 fingers. I actually ran 9 miles this morning.

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  1. Yay for you and running in the bitter cold!!! Good work Lori!