Thursday, July 7, 2011


The only one who can tell you 'you can't ' is you. And you don't have to listen."

Everhave just one of THOSE DAYS! Well, this morning's run turned out to be one of weird doubts. First off, I did not get out of the house until about 7 am, which was way too late. I should have went to the gym. It got too hot too fast, and there was not alot of shade on the 4.5 mile route I took. Lots of doubts kept creeping in my mind about the TOU Half Marathon coming up the end of August.

Tried to focus on my ipod music, but sometimes, that just seems like n-o-i-s-e.
Tried to focus on breathing, got too hot. My legs just didn't feel strong this morning. My foot felt ok. Got tired way way too early into my run. Walked alot of this 4.5 miles today. Was happy to finally see that someone had their sprinklers on so that I could run through them and cool off.

Wondering what running a half marathon would be like? Wondering what my water vs Gatorade ratio should be? What should I be eating a few days before? The night before? What about breakfast? Should I eat it on the bus as I am getting a ride to the start?How many GU's should I take? What about Sports Beans? Should I take my running belt with water in it? Or just rely on the specific marked aid stations? How many Motrin's should I have in my system? What clothes should I take to keep me warm at the start? Should I wear a jacket at the start of the race, and just drop it off on the side of the road? And the big one............What if I don't make it??? A friend of mine reminded me to trust my training.

It's funny how your mind can play tricks on what you already know that your body is capable of. I just ran 9.3 miles, Why is 4.5 so difficult???

Is running mind over matter???

One good note, I do have my Road ID coming. Should see it next week. Is that weird that I am excited to get it???

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