Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Mustard Seed?

I have said it before, but today, I guess I mean it! My left shoe seems to attract the only little pebbles on the road. They always want to come home with me. Well, no more. Today is the official day that I put the velcro on my shoes, so that I can use my Dirty Girl Gaiters! Not only did I attract the one you see in the photo, but his whole extended family came along, and they were all younger than him. What a nuisance it is to have to stop every so often to try to get these guys out of my shoe, without taking off my shoe! Went 4.35 miles today, an easy run. Started off thinking I would do some speed work, but only did a little bit of that.

Mornings are so peaceful. The problem is......actually getting out of bed to go outside and enjoy the stillness. That extra 15 or 20 minutes sleeping in never seems to pay off once the sun comes up. Again, I did not get out of the house until about 6:25 am, and the sun sure gets annoying at times. You'd think that I would learn by now..................oh, but how I enjoy sleeping in!

Met some friends at the gym yesterday. That was a nice break from road running. Oh, and the massage the other worth the money!!! Thanks Bobby at Valhallasas.

It's official now. Gaiters are in place, ready to use when I need them. Now for the big question.......Will I only use them on my left shoe?

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