Thursday, July 21, 2011

Running in the "Hood"

I am at Mt. Hood Community College in Oregon. The elevation here is about 351 feet. Ashlee says that swimming here is so much easier...she stated that she can breathe easier. Ashlee is swimming at "sectionals" here in Oregon. You had to have pretty fast times to even qualify to swim the events.

I ran 10 miles on Monday, then we traveled Monday and Tuesday, swimming on Wednesday. So today, Thursday, I decided that I better try to get in a few miles. I brought my running clothes with me to the aquatic center, and figured that I would just run around the campus somewhere. I asked the lady at the check-in desk about going down a certain street. She said it was really steep, and there was no sidewalks and traffic had a hard time seeing pedestrians in that she suggested that I go over to the track. The last time I remember being on a track was in the 7th grade! Mmmmm.....if I tell you what year, you will laugh. Let's just say it's been a while.

There were a few others on the track this morning, about 8:45 am. The drum section from the college was also practicing. Running on the track felt really good. My feet and knees did not feel the "jolt" that they are used to. It was super cloudy. It felt like someone was spraying me with a spray bottle.....not really raining, more like it was misting.

My first mile turned out to be a 10.15 minute mile. Mmmmm.......running at this altitude is much easier too. I went an easy 4 miles today. Ran the first one, then walked and talked on the phone for a bit, then running again . There was this little path that looked like it would be a nice area to run on, had lots of trees, but looked pretty secluded.

Mommy safety first and I decided to stick with the track.

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