Monday, July 18, 2011

Humidity is NOT my friend!

So my goal today was 10 miles. As I started out this morning, wondered what I was doing? These were some of my morning thoughts.

Who are my Friends in the morning???

The WIND, when it is at my back.
The SPRINKLERS, for me to run through.
The CLOUDS, to block the sun.
The TREES, to give me shade.Q
MAVERIK, to replenish my water supply.
The DRINKING FOUNTAIN at Zollinger Park, to cool down in and replenish my water, yet again!
Friendly FACES of Providence in the morning, so that I could say "Good Morning" to someone!

PEBBLES that find their way into my left shoe.
HUMIDITY...all I could think about was last years TOU Half Marathon and Cathy's husband passing out along the way. Lots of people got dehydrated during this race, not realizing that skipping an aid station was a NO-NO.
SUN, too much warmth is not a good thing.

My ROAD ID arrived a few days ago. Today it made its maiden voyage on my wrist as my goal was to run 10 miles today. As I stated earlier, it was such a humid morning, that many times I thought about cutting my route short. Thankfully I ran into Darlene this morning, and I told her my goal......somehow speaking it out loud makes me feel more accountable than just setting the goal in my head. Thanks Darlene for listening!

I quickly devised a plan at mile 1 (because of the humidity.) Do not skimp on water! I used it to dump on my head, neck, chest, and for drinking. Then I would refill @ Maverik, the park in Providence, refill again @ Maverik on my way back. This worked great! I was able to keep cool and hydrated at the same time. I was wishing though that I would have brought one of those little Hammer tablets to dissolve in the water to drink. Probably would have been kind of sticky though to dump on myself to keep cool.

My Goal............10 miles. Determination.........Stubborn-ness..............Sore Feet........... Finally............. Goal Accomplished!

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