Monday, April 9, 2012

Cyclist vs Runners & other Random thoughts.

Last week I was in Florida.  I took my running gear with good intentions.  Sometimes good intentions just don't pan out.  This was the case last week. 

We went to Orlando, and did the theme parks as a family. We stayed in a condo, and right outside the condo was a small lake with a trail around it. I really wanted to run around it. But our schedule consisted of up and out the door by 8 am and home around midnight, then repeat, repeat, repeat.  Thus.....the good intentions just didn't make it. The temps in Orlando....88 degrees and lots of humidity.  Something I am not used too.

So, last week no running, just lots of walking through Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney World, Epcot, Universal Studio-Islands of Adventure, & Universal Studios. I did put my running shoes to good use though, after 2 days of walking in my sketcher flip flops, Nikes were like heavenly pillows to my feet.

Tonight I finally got outside for that run that I have been craving.  I decided on a 5 mile route, out and back run. Total miles tonight was 5.5. I did alot of walking tonight. Legs felt kind of weird, like they were on the verge of a charlie horse. My shoulders felt heavy. My bladder was way too full.  My lungs were not feeling like they should. Not sure if I am trying to get the "gunk" that is going around, or if it is allergies. Drank my 2 bottles of liquid, which was surprising. Usually I can go 5 miles on just one bottle.  Took two just in case. Glad I did. My throat was really dry tonight too.  My time tonight...1.05. Not my best, but I wasn't pushing it either. I ran with no ipod tonight. I liked that. I was able to listen to my breathing, and think  of mantras and nonsense stuff while I was running.  It was mostly pillowy- white clouds and humid. Oh, and when I went past Millers...gag was like someone was cooking 750 pounds of hamburger!   BLACHY GAGGY!!!

There is a ditch that is on the route I ran, and in this ditch were two ducks. I startled them, and they flew off.  Then about 2 minutes later, I seemed to have startled the same two ducks again.  They just flew ahead about 100 feet and landed/hid in the ditch again.  Kind of funny.

Three bicyclists past me. Cyclist #1...... I smile and wave......I got the snake eye from him and no wave.  Cyclist #2....I smile and wave, he smiles and waves back. OK, we are 50% here. Cyclist #3....I smile and wave, he waves but no smile.  So my theory is two thirds of cyclists are friendly. I got to thinking, I have never seen a bicyclist wave to a car before.  Perhaps thats because they are going with the flow of traffic.

Biker's (motorcycles) give the arm straight, hand down, "pointing to the highway" wave to other bikers. Runners wave to cars. (probably as a thank you for not running me over. hee hee) Runners wave to other runners. Runners wave to cyclists.    Just something I noticed. 

The only cyclist that waves is BRENT!  Whenever I see Brent, hear his horn,  and return his wave.....well, it just makes me smile and appreciate life just a little more.

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