Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back in the Saddle

I guess it's time I get my butt in gear, and get back to training on a regular basis.  Lately I have only been running once or twice a week. Too busy. Too tired. Too sick. Too lazy. There is always an excuse.  Time to buck it up!

Went out tonight for a 4-ish miler.  3.64 was running, the other was just walking for warm-up and cool down.  I decided to do hills in Millville tonight. Crossing the highway was my first major obstacle! Once I got safely across, I started my GARMIN. 1.84 uphill and then back down. Found out last night that the Red Rock Relay course has changed a little bit.  My leg is actually just a little longer than I had planned on.  I WAS 2.37 up hill, now it is 2.94 uphill.  This is my first leg. My second leg will be an 8 mile gradual downhill.  I really need to start attacking hills.  Hills are supposed to be my friend.  Maybe someday we will have a mutual respect for each other. Not today. At times I felt like I was running on empty. (like my car). Hills are......well, I'm not quite sure how to describe it.  Sucks going up, but at the top, you have conquered it, so its a relationship, I guess.

Running weather was perfect tonight.  Cool, cloudy, and a cool breeze.  So I was really surprised that I was so thirsty. I took one  10 oz bottle of NUUN with me, and I ran out.  When I did my 5 miles on Tuesday, I went through 2 bottles!  Curious??? 

When I got home I had the WORST headache!!!  Hydration......Headache........Coincidence????

Did you know that donkeys smile and wag their tails when you scratch their nose? Can you see his SMILE?? This is my new buddy on my Millville hill route.  After I scratched him, I told him I would see him tomorrow.  I swear I heard him make a sound as I ran away.

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