Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekly Roundup

Thursday --Jacque had a track meet out to SV, so I took my running clothes with me. Krista met me out at the school. After thought, I should have called her earlier to have her bring her running clothes!  (Next time Krista!!)  I thought that I would either run in the Smithfield Rec Center (if it continued to rain)  or out and around the High School.  After her event (long jump) I decided to run around the school area. I left about 4:15 pm, and it was warm. It was really warm. I had forgotten to bring my running belt with me, so I had NO water on my route.  Thank goodness for gum.  I ran about 3.1 miles today. My warm up was all uphill which didn't really get my calves ready. I ran past those sprinkler pipes on wheels. I didn't realize just how big they are! They would squash my little wiener dog!  Today I realized that I need to run during warmer times of the day to get ready for Red Rock.

Friday-- I did my am Race RX, then later that evening I ran 3.65 miles in Millville.  The hardest part of the Millville run......crossing the 4 lane crazy highway! 1.6 of it was all uphill! Remember, hills are my friend, hills are my friend......

Saturday --This morning I had planned on a nice and easy slow run. Debated on whether to go with the Runners North Running Group or just go out on my own.  Decisions, decisions.
I woke up around 7:45 and kind of just ho-hummed around.  At 10 minutes to 9 I decided  to run with the group so that meant I better get my butt in gear and get out! I called my friend to let her know I was running late,  and found out what route the group was going on so I could just catch up with them.  I ended up going 5.79 miles on Saturday. Glad I went, but sometimes it is so stinkin hard just to get out the door!  Met up with JoAnna, Ada and her daughter, and Julie.  Today was Julie's first 5 miles! This is the farthermost that she has ever run! So proud of her, and it was AWESOME to share that accomplishment with her.  I ran past a duck that kept quackin at me; mom and dad geese with their little babies; and a herd, yes I said herd, of 10 DEER!  That was so cool. We came around a corner, and the deer were running towards us!  This was in Providence area, right across from where Lynzi lives!

Sunday --I felt guilty not getting out and riding my bike or walking or running.  But I think my body just needed a rest.

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