Saturday, April 28, 2012


I drove down to Provo Friday night. At the last minute, Mindy decided to come with me and share my hotel room. We had talked about crashing the Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon Expo, but somehow we both missed the exit!!! After picking up our packets in Pleasant Grove, we headed to Provo to Noodles for dinner, then off to the hotel for some relaxation.

Saturday morning on our way to Pleasant Grove, the exit we took had a DETOUR!!  Glad I went back to the room to get my ipad. Mindy had to find a map online and guide me to the starting line! I was worried about parking, especially after getting lost. Not to worry, there was plenty of parking. 
Ran into a few friends at the bus area, and more at the start line. The weather was a little chilly, but if you stood in the sunshine, it wasn't too bad.  My goal was to try to run the 5k under 30 minutes. I did not want to say it out loud, but that is what I had in my head. 
(front L to R: Jane, Karrie, Me.
middle: Mindy, Liz, Joy's daughter Jade, Mandy, Roz.
back 2 in blue: Stephanie & Alisa)

This 5k was supposed to be a FAST course. 98% of it downhill.  I absolutely love running downhill.  Some people say it really messes up their quads, but I love it. 

I started in the back of the pack, as it was chip timed. This was not a good idea, as I had to weave in and out of alot of people, and some of the streets were really narrow, I will not do this again.  After I finally got out of the crowd, I settled into my running rhythm. At mile 1.5 there was a water station, I chose not to stop.  After this, I noticed the smell of ammonia in my nose!  NOT a good sign. Wracking my brain trying to figure out just why this was happening. I thought that I had eaten enough carbs over the past few day..........I also decided NOT to use my ipod during this race.  At mile 2.6ish, I caved and put my ear piece in, listening to the music. I realized that I was running to the beat of the music and took out my earpiece!  Just experimenting.
My time today was.................drum roll please......................28.40!!  YES!!  A new Personal BEST for me.
As I crossed the finish line, a nice firefighter gave me my "PINK" charm, then I rallied with my friends, cheered and welcomed other ladies across the finish line, and of course, enjoyed the post race refreshments!! Before we left, Mindy and I went to a little craft fair. I bought an orange roll, and she bought a cinnamon roll twist.  These were GIANORMOUS!!!  Just what we needed!!

Our SWAG bag consisted of 3 trial sized luna bars, seasoning mix for guacamole, band aids, a headband, gum, GU chomps, pink shoe laces, vitamins, and various flyers.

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