Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Roz, Joy, Stephanie, JoAnna, Karrie, Jill, Rose,  & Lori

Tuesday night, our Northern Exposure Running Group met in Smithfield at Mack's Park.  We decided to run down the canyon.  We all piled in Stephanie's van and she shuttled us up to the top. I love running downhill.  This is just what I needed.  Yesterday's 3 miles were really sucky. I walked ALOT, so I was hoping for a good run. I wanted my legs to feel strong, and my mind to push doubts away.  Yep, this route was PERFECT. 

We all walked for about 5 minutes, then each of us took off at our own pace. Jill and I ran together for a little bit. Then Karrie caught up with us. We ran as a trio, then I heard a weird noise behind me. I stopped to see what was going on, it was Roz. She was coughing (asthma). I ran with Roz the rest of the way.  It was a perfect pace. Our total tonight was 4 miles.

About half way down the canyon there were some teenagers hiding in the bushes wearing Halloween masks. A car coming up the canyon told us about them. Apparently they scared the crap out of the car by jumping out and screaming at them.  I was glad that we had the heads up! 

Stephanie was so thoughtful. She even brought ice cold water for all of us to enjoy at the end of our run.  Thank You Stephanie!

Tonight's run was my new shoe's maiden voyage.  I love these!  They are Lunar Eclipse +3 by NIKE.   Feet felt good.  I think I will loosen the laces up a little bit though.

I love running with these ladies.  It never matters what your pace is. Everyone is so supportive!  I am so glad that I met these incredible, inspiring, and awesome women!! 
Wonderful friends!

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