Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pre Freedom Run

Northern Exposure
Karrie, JoAnna, Julie, Tawyna, Tansy, Lori, Mindy, Roz, Rose

This morning, I talked 8 of my friends into running the Freedom Run route with me.  On July 4th, the official Freedom Run will take place. Many of my friends will be running this.  I ran it last year, but for some strange reason, I am just not "feeling it" for this year.  I will not be racing on that day.  I was glad that I had some company today to run this route.   We met in Hyrum, and drove up to the Hydro Plant in Blacksmith Fork Canyon.  We started running around 6:30 am-ish.  I really would have liked to sleep in this morning, but so glad that we started early, as once we got out of the canyon, it got pretty warm.

Today was Julie's first 9 mile run! Way to go Julie!!  We all KNEW that she could do it. What an achievement! She has crossed the 9 mile mental barrier. Now Julie is ready to rock the PINK Half Marathon with us in October!

I had a protein bar this morning. I took a couple of GU's with me, but forgot to eat them!  I ran with Mindy most of the way. Rose and her daughters were with us also. My time for 9.4 miles was 1.45.28. I walked the first 6 minutes. I did walk when I got a drink a couple of times.  Oh, today was the first time I was able to make it ALL the WAY UP the HILL WITHOUT STOPPING to walk!!!  I did have to stop to make a phone call, and also to take my shoe off and get a little pebble out, (and yes, it was in my LEFT shoe!!), so with those extra stops, I think I did pretty good.  Averaged 10.5 - 11 minute mile today. 

I really love running down this canyon.  Love the shade and sun combo. Love the I could smell Russian Olive trees.  Very peaceful route.  Not too much traffic.  Wind was at my back today.

There were a group of cyclists riding the canyon also today. We cheered them on!  Lots of people running up and down the canyon too.  And of course, I knew that Don would totally smoke me!

9 women, 9 miles, all before 9 am.

Great way to start my weekend.  Thanks ladies and Rose's beautiful trio!

Rose and her daughters!

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