Friday, June 8, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood

Friday night, June 1st,  JoAnna, her daughter Ella and I went out to Lewiston to the Little Red Riding Hood Expo, and to enjoy dinner catered by Cafe Rio.

Saturday morning we arrived in Lewiston, it was dark, cloudy, cold, and sprinkling rain. Dark clouds lingered towards Clarkston, and I was hoping that we would not get caught in a downpour, or a lightening storm.  Jacque and I had taken our jackets, but Ella and JoAnna did not. JoAnna went to the expo and found a couple of jackets for her and her daughter to keep them warm. We started our 18 mile journey about 10:20ish.

JoAnna was riding as one of the Huntsman Town Heros, but decided to ride with her daughter instead.  I was worried about Ella and Jacque....wondered how they would do riding 18 miles.

Before our start time, LRRH had set up the Tie Dye Cafe.   Coffee, hot chocolate, OJ, and a morning breakfast which consisted of muffins, bagels, fruit, and oreos dipped in peanut butter.

At the start.

This was on the road that takes you to Conference Road.  The sky was not looking very friendly. Gust's of wind would push me every so often. It started sprinkling too, and I was hoping that I would not see lightning!

Hanging with the hippy chic!

Jacque & Ella

Mandy & Roz

Lori & JoAnna
Tami, Roz, Mandy, Joy

Check out those arms!!  Light must have been hitting them just right,
cause I actually see a "tricept!"
The sun finally started shining through those clouds. Jacque and I had jackets on, so I tied them both around my waist.
We are just about to Trenton....... that means we are half way there!

The aid station in Trenton was fantastic. A CLEAN HoneyBucket!  Let me just tell you, during running events with men, those HoneyBuckets get pretty NANSTY!  Nothing like sitting on the toilet with a stinking urinal right in your face!  

Anyway, the aid station was very well stocked: GU Chomps, GU, water, granola bars, licorice, just to name a few.   

The  LUNA crew were very supportive, ringing their bells and cheering us on.  


Crossing the finish line!

Next year, definitely!  And I will ride a longer distance for sure!  What a great day, and I am so glad that I was able to share it with my daughter and wonderful friends.  I am truly grateful for my health, and that I am able to do these athletic events.
I have been told that Alice Telford is the founder of the Little Red Riding Hood Cycling event.  Alice started riding when she was in her 60's!  When she started Little Red  there were just 25 women for that first ride. With the support of the Bonneville Cycling Club, it has grown steadily since then. What a neat lady!!

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