Saturday, August 11, 2012

I hate it when I am Road Kill?

No one wants to be Road Kill.

10 miles with friends really sounded like a good the time.  During my past 2 runs, my left foot has started "going to sleep," getting all tingly. I do not have new shoes. I do not have new socks. Curious and Frustrating! Why is my foot swelling?!

Last night my family ate at Happy Sushi. Probably not the best pre-long run meal. This morning I ate about 1/2 of a PB and Honey Sandwich, took the "go go juice" and "go go pills." Started out ok, then right shoe lace came undone. Stopped to fix it. Then left foot got tingly....tried to ignore it. Finally stopped to fix it, but did not get laces loose enough, so stopped a second time to re-fix it!  Heard rocks falling, so stopped to see what was up. Watched a mommy dear and her fawn and another adult deer climb up the mountain.  At this point, my mind just wanted my body to be back in bed. Yet, I had another 9 miles to go!

Things that went well today:  Giggling with friends up the canyon! Roz passing me. Lisa and Stephanie finishing strong. Watching Tawnya run her consistent pace. Seeing the wildlife. Being in the canyon at sunrise. Playing leap frog with two cute young women runners. Oh, and a big toot toot hats off to Krista for running 6 miles today!!

Things that went wrong: Left shoe too tight. Use it or Loose it playing in my head. Getting passed by Don's son between 13 and 13.1 mile marker!!!  Really Buddy?  Road Killing me?  At least I wasn't the little raccoon who tried to get the mouse in the canyon, and they both biffed it!

And who in Millville ordered 300 North to be re-graveled? 

Roz gave me a ride back up the canyon to get my car. When I got in, the control panel said "check tire air pressure!"  Really?  Flat tire???  Got out to check, all 4 tires looked OK, so headed for home. Took a cool bath. Drank a recovery drink. Put Wintercrest on my calves and then wore my compression socks. Ate a scrambled egg.  Visited with Krista, (sorry I could not stop yawning), then when back to bed. 

I think my body just needed to crash!  Looking at my times from this morning, they are just about the exact same times that I did the TOU Half in last year!  Funny, that last year I was so excited with those times, and today I felt down in the dumps about them.

Next time!

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  1. I get that tingly foot feeling all the time, too! Do compression socks help?