Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's a good day

Tuesday nights run was FANTASTIC!!  
I met my NERC's in Smithfield tonight.  We had a newbie tonight, Lindsey! Wow, what a NUT!  I am excited to run with her. She will keep me on my toes! 
our NERC shirts

Wow, not sure what the difference was, but here are my stats:
mile 1:  9:55
mile 2:  9:37
mile 3:  9:41
mile 4: 10:07

This was my fastest, ever! I guess the stars, moon, planets and sun were lined up for me tonight.  I saw 4 deer, 3 raccoons, and 1 skunk!  Luckily I saw the skunk while I was IN my car. When I went back up to the top of the canyon road, to retrieve my car, I heard so many crickets! It was so nice.  For some reason, I do not hear as many by my home anymore.
Another note, Laced my shoes differently, and it worked. No tingling sensation!

Tonight my buddy was Roz! Thanks Roz! (in my brain, I just kept thinking, "stay with Roz, stay with Roz.")  After running with my friends tonight, I am feeling a little better, no, I am feeling more confident  about TOU Half  next week.

Found this in my email box today:   Relish the bad training runs. Without them it's difficult to recognize, much less appreciate, the good ones.

so true, so true. Saturday's was bad. Tuesday's was very much appreciated!

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