Sunday, August 26, 2012

TOU Half

We were not able to get a complete group photo, so we did a few here and there. We never could find Sylvia though!  Today, I had 2 goals. To my friends amazement getting a half PR was not one of them!

At packet pick up, I heard someone say my name. I looked over, and this guy is saying, "Aren't you Lori? Don't you recognize me? Do you recognize the clothes?  I am wracking my brain, and NOTHING is popping up!!  I'm sure that I had the weirdest look on my face. Then he says, "Did you get your skirt in Portland?" And this triggered a bell! Kevin from Runner's Anonymous! A facebook group that I am a part of!  Was really awkward for a few moments. After I got my bag, I went to find him, Elise, and Kami. I didn't want to leave our first meeting as super awkward!  We visited and giggled about me being completely clueless and Kevin feeling like a dork.

This morning started off early. I mean, WAY early! My alarm went off at 4:15 a.m. The buses would start transporting people at 5:00 am.  When we left Providence it was a brrrrr 44 degrees. When we got up the  canyon, it was cold. I am glad I wore a hoodie and sweatpants. I noticed some people were getting back on a bus, so Mindy and I went over, and boarded the "clothing bus" to get warm.  I tried to eat my breakfast, (plain bagel and peanut butter), but I just wasn't hungry.  at 6:05 we decided we better go hit the honey buckets. We stood in line for over 35 minutes waiting for an open one. By the time we finished using the bathroom, people were throwing their clothes on the clothing bus and walking up to the start.  We were not able to get a group photo at the beginning. Bummer.

I headed to the start and heard the gun go off, and TOU Half was officially underway. As I crossed the starting timing pad, my GARMIN lost satellite!!  So I monkeyed with my watch for a couple of minutes as I started jogging down the canyon. I decided to wear my gloves and arm warmers. I would ditch my gloves on the course and tie my arm warmers around my waist.

As I am running down the canyon, I hear, "Are you Lori?" MMM, another face that I kind of recognized. It was Suzette, from Runner's Anyomous!  Ran with her for just a few minutes. She has fluorescent orange shoes also, so she has got to be super cool! 

Back to my goals....I mentioned that I had 2 of them. The first being that I really wanted to PR a 10k during this race. And I did.... 1.01!  My second goal was to run from Don's Autobody to the finish line. This part of the course is really tough for me. It's the last 2 miles, and it's mentally and physically tough for me.  I was walking just past Don's when my friend Jill came running by me. Catch Jill, I thought!  I ran with her the entire way to the finish. We were both struggling.  She started going a little faster before I did, and I think she ran out of steam at the end, as I caught up with her, again, and just squeaked passed her.  We both finished in 2.17.  This was Jill's first half! So proud of her! Just her presence really helped me during those last 2 miles.

So no PR half for me. I accomplished both of my goals. Wonderful to be amongst friends.

Julia is my idol. I hope to be like her when I am older. She is 82! Of course she takes 1st in her age group!

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  1. So fun to meet you in real life. The SKIRT SAVED THE DAY! Yes, orange shoes ROCK!!

    I want to be just like that cute little old lady too when I get to be her age. I hope this running adventure never gets old for me.

    See ya around Runner's anonymous?