Friday, September 7, 2012


Tonight I got bit by the bike bug. I decided to go out for a leisurely ride. 10 miles ought to do it. Things I learned tonight:

Crossing multiple Rail Road Tracks is scary. My front tire got all skee-wampis  and I just about biffed it.

Tiny bugs like to commit suicide in my eyes! Even with my glasses on, they found their way in there.

My bum is not liking that tiny hard seat.

I wish I could have a tub of flowers!

Teenage boys in cars like to yell and scare you as they pass you on the road. (twice, same car!)

3 feet between you and a car is not my ideal "safety bubble." 
The good I found on Miller Road

Riding past Miller's makes me GAG!

I wish I had eyes in the back of my head at times.

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