Saturday, September 8, 2012

This morning I was unable to get out early with
my pack of Nibley Runners. My NERC friends went early also. 

Today, I was on my own.

I left my house about 7:40 am, parked at the top of Hollow Road, and my plan was to run 4 up and then 4 down.

Hollow Road was pretty peaceful this morning. I passed a group of 5 cyclists, one of which had a flat tire. Bummer.

Not alot of vehicle traffic on Hollow Road this morning, which is a good thing. I did come upon 6 wild turkeys. I wondered if I would scare them, or if they would chase me?  Luckily, they decided to cross the road just in front of me.

As I turned off Hollow Road to start my uphill battle in the canyon, I was met by the the Greek Goddess Zephyr. Goddess of the West Wind. And boy was she MAD this morning! I couldn't believe it.  I passed Dan going down, and he gave me the "thumbs up" and I heard him yell, "Stay Strong!" For every one step forward, I was pushed 2 steps back. I had a hard time catching my breath too. I felt like I was standing in front of one of those wind tunnels that scientist's use! At times I had to turn my head to the side just to suck in some air!

I got to one of the turnouts up the canyon and actually yelled, "It is SOOOO WINDY."  

My struggle up the canyon was soon forgotten as I looked at the beauty around me.  The sun was just peaking over the mountains. The leaves are starting to change color. The river....oh how I love the sound of rushing water.  I passed many a friendly runner coming down the canyon. I also passed alot of road kill! 2 porcupines, and 2 skunks. Luckily I was not one of them today.

About mile 4, I saw a dirt road off to the side. Decided I would mix it up a bit and try running up the road. Maybe I could get a little taste of what those that did the Bear Lake Monster last weekend ran. WARNING. This was NOT a good idea!  Son of a NUTCRACKER! I only went .5 up and thought I was going to barf! I was trying to power-walk it. I was leaning way forward, and got a little dizzy too. Wow. New respect for those that do trail runs.  You are AMAZING.

Today I rad 9.2 miles. My time was 1.50, which averaged 11 or 12 minutes per mile, and I am OK with that!  Not my best, but considering that Zephyr was against me, I did pretty darn good!

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  1. I have ran up the canyon, too, and I also think it is so beautiful going that direction, with the sun peaking over the mountains! Next time, drive up to the power plant, and then go up from there. It's not nearly as windy up there.