Wednesday, October 3, 2012

45 = 4.5

Today I am officially 45 years YOUNG!  Since I am not quite ready for 45 miles, I moved the decimal point and decided to run 4.5 miles.                             

I met my fellow NERC's in Smithfield to run down Smithfield Canyon.  To my surprise, a couple of them had made birthday signs and hung them all through the canyon!

 I was really surprised!  I have known these ladies for about 1 year, and to think that they thought enough of me to put forth this effort really touched my heart!

I had to laugh when Roz passed me and yelled, "I have a new race strategy! Hang signs during a race so Lori has to stop and take pictures!"

After our run, we topped the night off with treats from A & W!    

Thank You Ladies!  I LOVE YOU!

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