Saturday, October 13, 2012

PINK Half Marathon

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.......Well, this say's it ALL!  

I was  honored when Krista asked me to run with her.  Today I am an official pacer!  I will be pacing  Krista and Julie.  This is their very FIRST HALF MARATHON! I am SOOOOO EXCITED to run this with them.  Our plan is to run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute.

Krista and Me getting ready to get on the bus

This is part of our NERC (Northern Exposure Running Club) group.  On the back of our shirts it says, "Blisters Heal,  Muscles Recover, Friendships last a life time."

 Julie and Krista taking off at the start of the race.  The weather was kind of uncertain.
These girls and their dog were at one of the aid stations.  The girls were so cute! Cheering on all of us women.

I gave him a scratching!


NERC Support Crew ROCKS!
Tori, Julie, Krista, Lori
If you look closely, you notice my feet never touch the ground. Hee Hee

Tori at the "turn around"

We are almost THERE!!!

What an incredibly emotional day.  I have never cried when I have crossed a finish line.  Today was the day that the emotions just came rolling in. Being with Krista as she accomplished her goal was an experience of a lifetime. Not quite sure I can put it into words.  Today was not my fastest race, but I consider it a Personal Best.  

Things we saw along the trail.

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