Monday, November 5, 2012

Snow Canyon

Am I crazy to drive 5 and a half hours to run a half marathon???

Pre Race Fuel? or Road Trip Munchies?
I couldn't have picked a better day to run a half marathon! The weather in St. George was picture perfect running temperatures!

I arrived Friday night and picked up my packet at the Dixie Convention Center.  (Temperature 79 degrees)  I am always unsure on what size of shirt I should order...small or medium.... Once again, I picked the wrong one. The small was super tight, and the arms were very short. I was told that there would be a shirt exchange after the race. (Been there, done that, at the Canyonlands Half. Hopefully, there will actually be a shirt my size at the exchange.)

I was happy to see a friendly smiling face at the pick up/expo. Heather from Runner's North had a booth and she was keeping busy with sales!

After I picked up my packet and got settled in the hotel, I headed over to the High School Swim Meet. My daughters were swimming w/their swim team! Wow, what a crowd!  Luckily I found two other moms to pal around with.

My pre race dinner consisted of a  Wendy's broccoli and cheese baked potato and a chicken salad sandwich on a crescent from Kneaders and the free sample of bread.  I chose not to eat the green salad or the fresh fruit.  I'll save that for tomorrow.

Saturday morning we (Mindy, Rose, Tawnya, and Suzy) were all going to meet at the buses. (Suzy is going to be one of my running team mates for a relay event next year. This would be our first meeting!) I got there and was texting Tawnya. She was already in line for the bus, and Mindy and Rose were running late, so I stayed to wait for them. Suzy had got there early and was already on the bus.  I met up with Mindy and Rose, Mindy and I headed for the bus. Rose headed for the car. :( She had an injury that prevented her from running the half, she would be running the 5k instead.

Mindy and I were on one of the last buses!  This was a new experience for me!!!  We talked w/a guy in line who drove from L.A. the night before. He said that last year when he ran this race, the hotels had a two night minimum stay for this weekend. He was "sticking it" to the hotel industry and stayed in his car in the parking lot!  I wonder if I would ever be that determined to sleep in my car before a race?

As you can see, we literally were the last in the
porta-potty line!
We arrive at the starting area. I tried to find Tawnya, Heather, and Suzy, with no luck.  We went over to the port-a-potties, and picked The SLOWEST LINE!!  We decided to jump lines, and that went quicker. Then to my surprise, out of the port-a-potties walks Heather!!  Mindy and I finally get in and I am peeing, and I hear "On your mark, get set, GO!"  Really?  Hello!!?  I am not even at the starting line yet! I hear Mindy next to me make a "oooooohhh" sound!  I hope that was in reaction to the starting, not a GI problem!

Mindy and I seem kind of giddy and frantic at this moment. I am trying to take off my warm ups and put them in the clothing bag, only to not have them fit because I still have my Go-Go juice bottle, Gatorade bottle, and left over breakfast in the bag. Mindy is trying to figure out how to work her sister's iPod and the headphones are in a knot. She is also taking off her warm ups. We are looking for the "clothing truck." We find it, and almost get to the start. We actually stop about 5 feet from the timing mat. I am fiddling with the knot in the headphones, and not sure what Mindy is doing but somehow we make it across the mat. And guess what? It was so nice not to have to weave in between people!  We had our own space. I told Mindy that if she was going to try to make her goal, she needed to go faster, so I sent her on her way. I actually like to run races by myself.

Rose, Mindy, Lori, Suzy
Avg Pace

To my surprise, my chip time was 2.11.58! This is my personal BEST!!!

After the race, I got cleaned up and headed back to the swim meet! WOW, made it there just in time to see an AWESOME FINISH!

Nothin better after a run than Hostess and Chocolate Milk!

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  1. I love your idea of post-run snacks.

    Congrats on your PR! That is so awesome!