Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Just got back from the gym. Yes, I did the big 13 today!!! Now I know that physically I CAN do it. I did divide it up though, 4 on the eliptical, 6.1 on the treadmill, then the final 3 on the eliptical again. Thought that this would be better on my knees today. My right foot is felling alot better. I think that this traveling which is making it so I can not run as often is actually been good for the healing of the plantar faciatis. My left foot seems to "go to sleep" after a while. This is a really weird sensation. No idea what is going on there!

I did do some speed work today. Legs felt really good. Tried some HAMMER GEL, Tropical.......YUCK, it was like gagging down flavored corn syrup. It was a sample that I recieved from the Hyrum Triathalon. It did not upset my stomach, so I guess this is a good thing. I usually stick with the GU brand. Hate to switch brands without trying it out first.

Last week while in Cali, I was able to manage to get in one day on the treadmill, an easy 3. For the next two weeks, I will be tapering off, getting ready for the "Big Day" August 27th!!!!

For my recovery drink today.........Yummy homemade smoothie. Banana, strawberries, OJ, and protein powder. Yum-O

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