Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ocean Shore, WA

Nothing better than waking up to the sounds of the ocean, and going for a morning jog! Today I explored the town of Ocean Shores, WA, on foot. There street systems are really messed up! They are like a maze, and there was so much foliage that you could not see where you had been. Had to rely on memory of street names! Did an easy 3 miles today. It was so nice not having to get out by 6 am because of the heat. I think I left around 7:30 am ish. Nice and cool, a bit humid but nothing that was too bad. About every 5th home I ran by was for sale. Lots of vacations homes and property for sale here. The town is very dog friendly, in fact I saw a couple playing golf and their dog was out on the green with them! You don't see that too often.

Restaurants had good fresh sea food. Jacque finally tried "fish and chips" and liked it. Ash had the fish and chips too. I had crab cakes and got sick, so the next night, I stuck with the old stand by of "chicken fried steak." When they brought it to me, it was HUGE!!!

It's really weird here. You go to the beach and in front of you is the Pacific Ocean and you look behind you and it is a rain forest! LOVIN IT!

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