Monday, August 15, 2011

Trail Running!

For breakfast today i found this little joint called The Otis Cafe. And little is an understatement. 4 booths, 1 table, and 5 bar stools. To get to the bathroom you had to cut through the kitchen passed the grill! Let me say.....The best homemade molasses and wheat bread....ever!! Some guy came in and sat at the counter, and they got him his own coffee cup that was hanging on the wall. The cinnamon rolls were homemade and huge. Would definately go there again. We got lucky, when we walked in there was actually a place to sit.

I took my family on an adventure today. The directions were not that clear, but we found our destination. It was this trail that led to a suspension bridge. It was awesome. I would purposely lag behind so I could run to catch up with them. The bridge was amazing! Wondered how they got all the concrete back there to anchor this thing.

It was about 1.5 miles down, so a 3 miler. I walked a bit up, then passed the camera off to my daughter and said, "see ya.". It was so nice running up, and no one likes running uphill. It was so peaceful, cool, a bit humid, lots of fresh forestry smelling air, and easy on my feet and legs. I think I have discovered that trail running IS what may be my next adventure.

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