Sunday, September 25, 2011

9 Mile Maiden Voyage

This morning I had planned on getting up and out of the house by 6:30 a.m. Well, Mr. Sandman had different plans for me. Did not get going until around 8:00 a.m. I chose the 9 mile route that had water stops, (Maverik and the Providence Park). I remember the last time I did this route, it was so stinking hot, and I had to fill up my water whenever I could. Today was a little different. Still warm this morning, but when I hit Maverick, a little over 2 miles, I still had over 1/2 of my water left. So that was good. I wore my fluorescent lime green arm warmers this morning, so I wouldn't get hit by a car. Got pretty warm, so I tied them on the street sign by Maverik. I'll get them on my way back.

Through Millville I go, and into Providence. At the park, I still had water left!! MMM interesting. I did refill, just in case I needed it. I brought a protein bar with me this morning , as I did not really eat a good breakfast. (1/2 a piece of Cranberry/Orange bread toasted with some OJ.) Only took one bite of the bar as I left the Providence park.

As I am running back towards Millville, I noticed that they have fire hydrants like EVERYWHERE! Interesting. So in my head I would say, "OK, run to the next fire to the next fire to the next fire hydrant." There are 23 fire hydrants between Providence and my house in Nibley! I have really never noticed how many there are on the streets! Am I really that non-observant?? Every block, to block and a half, I ran into a hydrant. I wonder if the highway has the same ratio. This gives me something to do on my next highway run!

I like this route. Hills, both up and down, and flat areas too. It was nice that there was shade every so often on this route. Oh ya, so, I wore the new Nike shoes today. Was a little worried about not breaking them in. But guess what? No need to worry. They worked GREAT. No rubbing on the back of my heels, toes felt good and had room to move, feet did not go numb, heels and arches ok too. All in all, my feet were HAPPY this morning. As for my knees..............well..........that's another story. They have been a little creeky this past week. Put a tiger balm patch on my right knee and shin last night, and just left it on this morning as I ran.

Getting ready for the Halloween Half Marathon on October 29th, in Provo. MMMMM I wonder if I am doing this half too close to the other half??? Not sure about the resting and recovery thing. We'll see. Today's run only took me 1 hour and 50 minutes, and I walked alot. Walked to warm up, walked when I was eating, and drinking. Walked on one of the hills. Just took it really easy. When I did the Freedom Run, which was 9.3 miles, my time was 1.43, so I must be getting stronger!

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  1. You are so amazing. You will have to run to my house next time. It's not all that much farther than the park :) Can't wait to see your costume for the Halloween run.