Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Northern Exposure

Tonight after my Race RX class, I met a group of ladies that get together a few times a week and run. They call themselves "Northern Exposure." I know one of the ladies, Marian, and met some of the other ones at the TOU 5k last Saturday. It was fun to run with someone tonight. Running solo is nice at times, but it is always nice to have a buddy. It sure makes the time and the distance go by quicker. We ended up doing hill work..........up one block, zig-zagging over which ended up being down hill, then back up again. It was a good route. Nice and cool. It ended up being about 2 miles. I thought it was a shorter distance! See what running and chatting will do!

Lots of smells tonight on this run; BBQ, Bon Fires, Spray Paint, kind of funny.

At my Race RX class, we bumped up our incline work to 21%, so my calves were really on fire tonight, but I stuck with it!!

The following quote is on their t-shirts. I was lucky, they had one extra. Thanks JoAnna!
"I often hear people say, 'I'm not a real runner.' We're all runners, some just faster than others, that's all. I have never met a fake runner." --Bart Yasso

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