Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Things I learned today:
When I am physically able to run, I procrastinate, and sometimes just don't do it.
Running 4 minutes and walking 1 minute is nothing to be ashamed of.
Semi trucks pulling 2 trailers going the opposite my direction are very WINDY.
Being sick SUCKS.
... ... No, I am NOT PREGNANT! Hardy har har! Someone from work thought I was, because 2 or  3 years ago when she was 40 something, and super sick, she had a SURPRISE!! 
CWX Compression tights are a GOOD thing.
6 miles without throwing up is a good day.
It's frustrating when you need to be in two places at one time! Thursday, Friday, and Saturday my daughter has a State Swim Meet.  Still working on the logistics on that one.

But the biggy thing that came into my brain today is this.......Yes, I CAN finish a Half Marathon on Saturday! May not be the time I want, but we all have our Goliath's to conquer. Being so ill these past couple of days has made me angry, yet grateful for the health that I have been blessed with.  Canyonland's Half  will be my Goliath this week.

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