Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tandem Bikes?

When we were in Zions last week, I saw a couple on one of those Tandem Bicycles. I said to Jim, "Is that going to be us in a few years?" His comment was, "NO! I hate those. Whenever I see a couple on those bikes I feel sorry for the  poor women who has to pedal in the back. She always has to go wherever he goes. She only gets to see the back of his head. It's like she is a second class citizen.  If she wants to go right, she can't. If she wants to go left, she can't. The wife should be able to go where she wants!  If we are going to ride bikes we are each going to have our OWN bike!"

WOW.  Interesting perspective!  It was kind of funny listening to him ramble on and use hand gestures while talking about this couple on their bike.  I had never even thought of it that way. When I see couples on these bikes,  I always think, "What a fun couple thing to do." Guess I was wrong about that one.  Nice to know that my husband will let me do what I want!

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