Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I really wanted to run today after work.  It was finally a nice sunny day, but I had a Dr. appointment.  I ended up going to the gym tonight.  I ran 3.3 on the treadmill.

Since Thanksgiving is approaching, tonights treadmill experience made me think of something that I could be thankful for.   Two things popped into my head: 

1.  That the dreadmill actually makes me run at a consistent pace for "x" amount of time.

2. That Hot Brett's girlfriend chose the treadmill AWAY from me.  When I walked past her as I was leaving, she had it set at 8.0 mph.  And she had been running that for 30 minutes, and had 30 left on her timer. Man she is speedy. She does have good form. Not bopping up and down. It's best I let her lead the pack!  hee hee

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