Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snow Run!

It snowed here in the valley last week, so today's run would be though the snow.  I had planned on running around 5 miles today. I kept a watch on the weather.....waiting for the sun to shine through the clouds.  When I saw the sunshine, I took a chance.

I decided to run through Millville today.  The most dangerous part of this run......... crossing the HIGHWAY!!  There is NO crosswalk.

I broke out my "dirty girl gaiters" this morning.  I wore a long sleeve tech shirt and my yellow Brookes jacket.  I ended up taking off the jacket about 1 mile into my run.

Today's route I decided to mix it up a bit.  I have NEVER ran up 450 North. (Probably a reason for that.)  This is the hill that takes you up to the Millville Stake Center.  My new goal is to be able to run up this hill without walking.  I told my friend Adrian about this, and he said, "That hill will make you stronger!"  YES!!!  That's what I need!

5.5 miles, good and done!

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