Thursday, November 15, 2012

Donkey or an Ass?

When I walked out of work today, I really wanted to go running. Had good intentions. Came home and got the chills for some reason, so I took a hot bath, ate chips and salsa, peanut butter out of the jar, and chocolate milk.  Kept procrastinating...... Decided I just better get out there and run, or I would regret it.

Ran 3 miles. THREE LONG MILES. And I didn't even run the entire time?  What gives?

The weather was perfect. Not too hot. Not too cold. My legs were fine. My lungs were great. The air was not too cold. I was not sweating. Not breathing hard. No side aches. No cramps. No headaches.....I just did not want to run....well, let me re-phrase that. I wanted to be running, but I also wanted to be curled up in a blanket reading a good book or watching ELF for the ga-zillionth time.

This guy (above) was on my route this afternoon. He was enjoying the warm weather and gave me a cheeseburger smile when I ran by him. Of course I had to stop and have a little chat with him and give him a nose rubbin!

12 days ago I ran my fastest half marathon. Today, I couldn't even run 3 miles.  STRANGE!

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  1. It's probably the eating peanutbutter out of the jar that did it.