Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bountiful 3, just kidding FIVE!

This morning I drove my daughter down to the Davis County Rec Center for a Thanksgiving Invitational Swimming Meet.  During her warm-up I decided to take advantage of the good weather (47 degrees at 8 AM) and go for a spin around Bountiful.

 I ran around Patty Circle.  Thought this was funny cause my sister's name is Patti!  And around Patty Circle, I ran into 2 goats!  They looked so out of place. The neighborhood was not a "farm" neighborhood, so these two little goats really did not fit in.  They rushed the fence when I slowed down to say "Hi."

 I found these stairs along my route. I also ran past a Mason Lodge. My husbands grandfather was a Mason. I wonder if they allow women in this organization?

 I also ran past this horse shoe that had been placed in the sidewalk.  I thought it was interesting. It was in front of a house. So if you were standing in the house, the luck was running out. If you were passing it on the sidewalk, the luck was with you.

I ran past this fabric store and saw this TOTALLY DARLING Dr. SUESS QUILT!  Wow.  Looked like fleece strips. What an easy thing to do, and it was sooooo cute!

Bountiful City also is ready for the Holiday Season.

It was my "lucky" day. I had planned on running 3 miles, but ran 5!  Felt good. 

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