Sunday, October 9, 2011

Am I in Yellowstone?

So fun to be able to see the bison and their little ones today on my "Sunday Meditation Run." Almost feels like I'm in Yellowstone. Almost.

It's always nice to be able to "kill" a tractor!

I took my running belt with just one water bottle. I had planned my water stops today...the park by Lincoln Elementary, and either McDonalds or Ridleys. (wasn't sure if Ridleys was open today.) To my horrible finding, the water fountain at the park had been shut off!!! AAAuughghghgh. It was hot, and I filled my bottle with orange powerade, which was upsetting my stomach, and I needed WATER!! I continue running towards South Cache saying a little prayer that the gas station will be open. Guess what? It was!

Thank you Hyrum Short Stop for being my water station today!

On my way home, I passed this guy just walking on the road. Wasn't sure what was up with him. He had on a gray shirt and black wranglers, and was very clean cut. Not quite sure what he was doing. I kept looking back as I ran the opposite way from him, just in case. Not sure if this creeped me out or not. Still haven't decided. It was just .....ODD. Thank goodness I had just taken my Espresso GU! Oh, the goats say "hey."

Coming in to the home stretch... and I see this sign. Perhaps I was going too fast, or just getting too much sun, or it was the double caffine kicking in, but I took it as a sign that I needed to slow down. Haa Haa. 10.4 miles today. I was hoping to do the 10 miles in less than 2 hours. I walked quite a bit today, guess I just wasn't feeling it. But when the little guy in my GARMIN buzzed me and told me that I was at mile 10, he also told me that I had done this in 1 hour and 58 minutes. So the "Sunday Meditation Run" was a success. I did hit the stop button a few times... when I refilled my water bottle, when I visited with the Bison, when I just needed a "shade" break. But I'll take the 1.58 any day. Oh, that's today!

Came home and sat in a cool shallow bath for my legs, then off to the hot tub for jet massage, and finally a nice clean shower. Do you think I had enough water today?

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