Friday, October 21, 2011

Starbucks suck.

Wanted to treat myself to a double mocha today. All I can say is Starbucks SUCKS! They are way overrated. The coffee was ground so fine that I felt like I was drinking silt! Needless to say, down the drain it went. Jim drank his triple latte in a shorty cup, and an hour later he was sick. Coincidence? I don't think so.

We went to Scheels today. This is a hige, and I mean ginormous sporting goods store! There is a working Ferris wheel in the middle of the store! I got me a new Brookes neon yellow running jacket, and a "pink" shirt. It says "fight like a girl." This store was located in an outlet area. Fun for me, not so much for Jim. I think guys just don't get it.

As we were walking around, I saw a couple sitting outside at a table drinking coffee. I could smell it! I love the smell of coffee. Reminds me of my dad. Funny how smells can trigger memories and emotions. Any was, I thought I would give the mocha another shot. I ordered a double iced my delight, it was so yummy!
We did not stay here long, as I told you Jim was not feeling well. While I buzzed in and out of shops, he just sat outside on various benches. Back to the hotel we went. I went to the gym,while he just rested fora bit. I told him to go get a massage, maybe that would help. (besides the Starbucks making him sick, his neck and back were all out of whack.) I knew that I would be at least 2 hours in the gym, as I wanted to do a long run today.

So I go to the gym. So boring and HOT! I looked for a thermostat with no luck. The door to the outside was locked, and I could smell the HEATER kick on! I did 1 mile on treadmill, switched to bike and did 7 on the bike. Back to treadmill for 4 more. Total mileage today was 12. I know it wasn't all weight bearing, but I just can't stand the treadmill. One of my friends calls it " Satan's Sidewalk.". I think that truly describes it. When I got back and went to change, my sports bra was dripping wet!!! I have never sweated like that before. Unfortunately, I put my ipot down my sports bra and it also got wet, and now I can listed to songs, just cannot choose what I listen to or control the volume!! OOPS! Jim did get a massage and felt a little better.

Plan for tomorrow is Lake Tahoe. I am hoping to get out and maybe hike a trail or two.

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