Saturday, October 15, 2011


This morning I ran the Lotte's of Love 5k. It was held at the Thomas Edison Charter School, and the route was through Nibley. This was a fundraiser for a local runner, Charlotte, who has cancer and will be using the money to help with medical expenses. I was amazed at all of the support that our local community gave this cause. Many, many businesses donated items to be given away. The community really came out and supported Charlotte too. My friend JoAnna and I both had specific goals today. We both really wanted a personal best! Well, seems like the planets and the stars were lined up just right this morning and we both Got It!!

I met "Becky" while running. (in the yellow shirt) We caught up with each other at mile one and zig zagged each other for a while. I tried to keep my pace with her and she was very encouraging. Well, it worked. My goal was to come in under 32 minutes. My time today was 28.43! Thanks Becky for being my super nice pacer!!! That is the one thing I absolutely LOVE about running in races, either big or small, it seems like all runners are truly supportive of each other. It doesn't matter if you are the speed demon in front, or the determined one in the back. Every runner is cheered on by others. True Comrades.

Here I am with my Race RX, Angie, and JoAnn, flexing for the camera! Angie is the one who invited me to this 5k, and also introduced me to Charlotte. Yes, I think that Race RX has helped me increase me strength and endurance. It sure showed today with my time!

Charlotte is the one with the sunglasses on and the blue jacket.

This is Jacque and her friend Katherine at the Glow in the Dark Fun Run. This was last night in Millville. You could either run a 5k or walk/run a mile. We chose to do the mile. Jacque was AMAZING! Her time......(drum roll please).......8.04! Yes EIGHT speedy minutes and FOUR seconds! So proud of her. We had lots of fun getting our "GLOW" on!

Here I am with my new running friends...JoAnna and her cutie pie daughter Ella, me, Karrie, and Mariann. We had lots of fun. Glad that I did the mile. The course was really really dark. Not alot of street lights to help along the way. My friend Mindy and her daughter Aubeny did the 5k. Mindy got a speedy time of 29.??!! Which was AWESOME! Under 30 minutes. So proud of her.

“The key to success is to focus our conscious minds on things we desire not things we fear.” -Brian Tracy

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