Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wasatch Woman 6k

Today was the Wasatch Woman 6k at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. When I went to pick up everyones packets they informed me that they were out of small shirts. This kind of made me mad, cause we registered months in advance, and you would think that they knew how many shirts of each size they needed. They took my name and address and said that they would mail it to me. But in the meantime.....Jacque did not have her race shirt, which is kind of a bummer. Our SWAG bags were SAD bags, consisting of 5 fliers and a granola bar.

Krista, Jacque, and I went down last night and stayed at the Marriott. We ate at Noodles and Company. I love Noodles, and am excited for the Logan Noodles to open. Krista said that they put the sign up last week!

After we ate dinner, we went back to the hotel, and I put some of Jacque's clothes in the hotel clothes dryer. She had just ran to the MC and back with the MC Swim team, and her running clothes were wet from the rain. We had our hot chocolate, powdered donuts, sprees, and nerds for our late night pre race snacks!
At 6:00 this morning I realized that I forgot about Jacque's clothes and ran downstairs to the hotel laundry, hoping that they would still be there! Someone had taken them out of the dryer and left them on the table. Thanks goodness they were there. I look out the window and it is raining.

After getting back to the room, I noticed that I had a text message. Jess would not be able to come down. I knew that my mom was not coming, her knee was bothering her and she did not want to be laid up for a few weeks. Terri was also not coming down, as her dog had a mini-stroke or a seizure Friday night, and she did not want to leave her. So it was just me, Krista, and Jacque. I was kind of bummed as I was looking forward to crossing the finish line with my mom this year. (She walked it last year.)

We ate breakfast at the hotel. Krista had juice and cheerios with no milk, Jacque had froot-loops with milk and an english muffin, I had a toasted english muffin with jam and half a cup of coffee with 2 sugar packets and 3 french vanilla creamers. We laughed cause I was making my own energy drink!

The race started at 8:30 and we left the hotel at 8:25!! Rain has stopped. I like the "white trash" rain coat!

5-4-3-2-1- START. Jacque and I started out kind of a slow jog, as we were in a pack of women. We jogged slowly for maybe 5 minutes, then started walking. Krista just wanted to walk it. She caught up with us, and the three of us walked the rest of the course. The volunteers were really positive and nice, and the course looked like it would be a fast course. We took goofy pictures along the way.

Last year I was so scared and focused that I missed all the neat things to see. We made sure to look around today!

My friend Mindy did the trick-or-treat trot in Wellsville today. She did the 10k, and got a personal best of 59 minutes!!! That is AWESOME. GO MINDY! She won lots of prizes, and got to dress up as a lady bug. Here she is showing off her winnings!

I have other friends that did the PINK Half Marathon today in Park City. I did hear that there was snow at the starting line. Hope they stayed warm and had fun. JoAnna got a PB for her half. I think she said a good 6 minutes faster!

For lunch, Jacque and I stopped at Five Guys Burgers. I had never eaten at one of these places. The french fries were homemade, just like dad used to do at LD's Cafe. The cheese-burgers were yummy too. Jacque introduced me to eating french fries with malted vinegar on them. Yummy.

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