Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chilly Cheeks

Today was our group fun run. JoAnna named it "Chilly Cheeks Run." We all met at her house and we did a warm up walk, then ran about 4 miles. JoAnna, Mindy, and Rose had marked the roads with arrows. Heather at Runners North let us borrow some of her signs that could be placed at corners too. There was a water station at about mile 2. We ran through River Heights and Logan today. When I finished, I walked back about 2 blocks, looking for the rest of the group. Never did see them, so I returned to JoAnna's house, and found them there. Krista said that they took a shortcut, which actually ended up being longer than what we ran!

Before the run, JoAnna was telling us what the route would be.
She was saying go up this hill, take the middle road, run through the cemetery, there is a downhill that was kind of steep, blah, blah, blah...I have to admit, I got lost after she said turn left!

We zig-zagged through River Heights,(apparently through a dangerous section!)
headed to the Providence Cemetery, went down into Logan, and worked our way back to JoAnna's house. I ran with Mindy. I had to laugh at her when we started to run in the cemetery.
She said, "We were going in to wake the dead."

Mindy had surgery Tuesday on her elbow, and yes, she ran today!! Crazy. I wonder where she gets all her energy?

As I said, Mindy and I ran with each other for the first 2 miles.
At the water station, we were caught by Jill and Shanda. So we paired up with them, and we ran in pairs. I got the giggles when I read this sign.

After our run, Ella and Jake (JoAnna's children) were waiting to give all the finishers medals!
Was not expecting that!!!

JoAnna's mom and dad
also came over and made all of us aebleskivers.
These are traditional Danish pancakes that are in the shape of a sphere. They were heavier than donut holes, kind of like pancakes, but yet light and fluffy. And I swear I could taste a hint of orange in them. Come to find out, Krista said that he DID add some orange rind to the recipe. MMMM. I ate 3, could have had 13! They were so yummy.

What a fun day! Looking forward to next months group run!

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  1. Sounds like a great time. You got to explore some of my territory. Did you chuckle at the Providence cemetery being in River Heights. I have always found that a little odd. I'm so glad you can have fun while still getting out there and enduring the pain and agony of running, not to mention the cold. Way to go!