Saturday, January 21, 2012

Indoor Track

It has been raining cats and jammer kids here in our valley for the past couple of days. I wanted to do a 5 mile run today, but was not looking forward to running in a downpour. Did not want to run on the treadmill either. I asked around to see if anyone wanted to meet me at our local Recreation Center to run around the indoor track. A couple of people were interested, so we met up around 2:00.

I have not been to the Rec Center since HIGH SCHOOL!!! Mindy brought her daughter with her, and I am so glad that she did! Come to find out, it takes 13.5 times around to equal just 1 mile!!! How in the crap you could keep track I do not know. We had her mark tally marks every time we came around. We ran for 1 hour.

Pros about the indoor track:
Controlled environment.
Safe area to run.

Cons about the indoor track:
The track was just a concrete floor.
13.5 times around equals 1 mile.

Would I do this again?
If I had no other option, maybe. It was nice to run around with my buddy, and we were able to converse with each other, which made the time go by quickly. It was nice not to get drenched. It was nice just to wear shorts and a tee shirt. The floor made my feet hurt. Running around could have been boring if not with a buddy to pass the time. It would be hard keeping a mental note of how many times you have made the loop, I would probably have to make dots on my arm or something to keep track.

My goal today... a long easy run of 5 miles. Goal accomplished.

Sending a big girl shout out to JoAnna, for Rockin the St. George Half today with a 1.59!

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