Saturday, January 14, 2012

She's not coming Home

This is a sad post. Yesterday I learned that Sherry Arnold is not coming home. Sherry was 43. I am 44. Sherry was a teacher. I am a teacher. Sherry was a mom. I am a mom.

Sherry disappeared around 6:30 am on January 7th when she went out for an early morning run near her home in Sidney, Montana. A single shoe was the only trace that they could find of her. Her husband called police after she did not return after 2 hours, so probably around 8:30, and the search began.

One of the blogs that I like to read is shut up and run . Sherry is the blogger's cousin. I have been following this story since I learned of her disappearance last week. It really makes me angry that this happened. And it is also a slap in the face, as I have ran at times when thoughts come into my mind, "It's getting darker sooner than I anticipated." "I should not be on this road." "What if......"

Although I did not know Sherry personally, her death has made an impact on me, and many in the running community around the United States. Friends in my running circle are talking, making safety strategies, running with buddies more often. Yes, even here in our happy valley, it COULD happen.

Sherry did not die in vain--we will ALL learn from her, gather strength from her--and remember her in all of the steps we take going forward. She has touched the lives of many.

We are all connected through this running, mommy world. What happens to one, happens to all.

Today, I called 3 friends. We ran. We talked about Sherry. We ran in honor of Sherry.

Be at Peace dear Sherry. You are loved, and you will be missed.

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