Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I met the sweetest man today. Bob, 74 years old from Fountain Arizona.

I had NO plan of where to run this morning. Got out late, so decided to park at RN so I could run in some shade through Providence and Logan. (Nibley has no shade in the mornings) No route planned, just free wheeling it. I would get to stop signs, and think where should I go next. ended up in Roz's neck of the woods.

I walked up the one way blvd, then ran down temple hill, over to center street, and attempted to run up the one way blvd. I DID IT!! 1st TIME EVER I made it up w/o stopping. Anyway this man was walking his dog, and said "you looked strong coming up that hill." I said, that it was my first time making it up the hill. He congrats me, and we get to talking. he as a navy pilot. Wife died 2 years ago, (heart attack walking the dog he was walking today. Said he had to pry the leash out of her hand) they met in 2nd grade, his son is a Dr. of Theology, just got back from Peru, brought people to Christ there. asked where I grew up & what my parents did......anyway, he said I was one of the normal LDS people! I had to giggle about that one.

Coincidence that I took this route???? I was told on Sunday that there are NO conincidence's.   mmmmmm I wonder.   

I think we talked for about 10 or 15 minutes!!! What a neat man. Glad I met him.

So glad that I was not anal about my time or my mileage today.  I would have miss a wonderful opportunity.  (4 miles and NO idea how long it took me)

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  1. Great moments come along so unexpectedly. So nice you got to have one while out doing something you love. Thanks for sharing the experience.